Our People

We are treasure hunters.
People are the treasures of our lives!

Kirby and Stephanie (Britton) Thompson fell in love their freshman year of college in 1996.  When they were married in 1998 it took several years for Kirby to realize that he had not only married the cute blonde girl, but he had also married Britton Nursery!  It is a happy marriage in every way possible, and Kirby and Stephanie are carrying the Legacy that Mom and Pop started.  Stephanie literally grew up at Britton Nursery, walking in her dad's footsteps for 30+ years and learning everything relevant to growing hardy perennials in Colorado. Stephanie's plant expertise and Kirby's dedication to business excellence have contributed to the long-term success of Britton Nursery. Their two sons Benjamin and Britton just might be interested in carrying on Nana and Poppy's Legacy! It was always Al’s dream to develop a “marketplace community” where people could work together and share all facets of life.  Of course we have to make a living, but the treasures in life are always relationships. We are people who love what we do so much that our culture can be quite infectious.  Britton Nursery is a very special collection of people- family owned and operated since the beginning.  Even through decades of growth, we still have a culture that feels like family.

The treasures in life are always relationships...

Joey Clark has been with Britton nursery since May, 2009 and serves as our General Manager.  He is a long-time personal friend of the Britton family and he has done just about every job that there is to do at the nursery.  Primarily, he has been directly involved in the production of hundreds of thousands of Britton Perennials over the years. (He has the dirt under his fingernails to prove it!) His experience in every facet of our operation puts him into the indispensable position to see the big picture and implement systems to continually improve efficiency and quality. Joey earned his bachelor's degree in business administration from Grove City College in 2015 and his responsibilities includes oversight of all production operations, personnel management, and accounts management. He has a religious dedication to taking daily swims in the Britton pond and he is passionate about cycling, backpacking, running, craft beer, and the Rocky Mountains.

Allen Johnson (aka "Customer Happiness Officer") is our resident sales and delivery guru and has been working at Britton Nursery since March, 2005. He spends the bulk of his time behind the wheel of one of our three delivery rigs and delivering cookies and good cheer to our perennial-loving friends along the Front Range.  He is a long-time personal friend of the Britton family, a native of Colorado Springs and has enjoyed gardening for a number of years. Allen's congenial and gentle heart is a priceless asset to us especially because he is the face of Britton Nursery for most of our customers.  His popularity ratings are soaring among Front Range nurseries and garden centers! He went through and graduated from the El Paso County Colorado Master Gardener program in 2007 and continues to volunteer today. He received his CCNP certification from CNGA in 2013. On a personal note, he enjoys hiking, bicycling, collecting interesting firearms, photography, gardening, Ingress (go Resistance) and wearing hats.

Emily Eitemiller has been a part of Britton Nursery since 2012. In 2018 she took one year off to pursue her dream of becoming an EMT and then firefighter, but after completing school and giving herself time away from the green industry she realized that working with plants was her true passion all along. Needless to say, she is thrilled to be back doing what she loves. Emily holds bragging rights as being the first woman Al would let operate the tractor at the nursery and still enjoys the occasional sweet drive in Lexi – the nursery Kubota – but spends the majority of her time managing the space in the greenhouses and tending to the every need of the 130,000 plants in said greenhouses. Emily loves the community and people of Britton Nursery and can often be found bringing donuts in to show them how much she loves them. When not at the nursery, Emily enjoys trail running competitively, long days in the mountains, canyons, or wilderness with her partner in crime, Mitchell, and eating ungodly amounts of kale.     

After leaving his home state of Texas, Brad Polenz joined the Britton team in March of 2018.  Because of his expertise in chemistry he quickly earned the prestigious Britton title of "Chief Chemical Warfare Agent." Holding both a B.S. in and M.S. in chemistry, he has helped shed light on our understanding of nitrates, sulphates and phosphates particularly as they are applied with fertilizers and fungicides.  He has declared war against all enemies of our perennials and you can often find him in his "Chem-Man" safety suit annihilating pests and fungus.  Since he also quickly has learned the personalities of our plants, our crew and many of our customers he has also risen to take charge of the vital role as "Supreme Commander" of our order fulfillment team. Though he usually has a devious grin on his face, Brad's heart is true and his love for his family is evident. (As seen in this photo with his daughter) He has always enjoyed gardening but he did a cannonball into the plant world after leaving a career teaching university level chemistry courses in Texas. He is a quick learner and is continually expanding his knowledge about all things plants and pests. He also thoroughly enjoys dad jokes and pranks.

Carrie Mendicki was scooped up into the Britton community a week after graduating high school in May, 2015.  Having almost no plant knowledge beforehand, she learned (and is still learning) by watching, following, and jumping in wherever help was needed.   Nowadays, you can usually find her right in the middle of the nursery, where she operates as co-head of the propagation department and stands in front of the swamp cooler.  Carrie specializes in tucking in baby plants, organizing messes, and laughing with her coworkers.  Her time on the property has grown her enjoyment of people and the world around her, and she keeps her eyes open for the smallest reminders of God’s heart in his creation.  In her spare time, Carrie doodles, hikes, drives off on family adventures, and stomps in puddles.

Sarah Clark absolutely loves Britton Nursery!! She has been indirectly associated with Britton Nursery since 2004 when her older son began working there. After a loose presence, she couldn’t stay away and officially joined the Britton Team in 2014. She delights in telling people that she “plays in the dirt” for her job and that her younger son, Joey, is her boss! Sarah works in the geographic middle but the procedural beginnings of the nursery. As Co-Manager of the Propagation Department, many of the plants that go out the door have their start in her hands. However, as she always says, “It all needs to be done!” So you might find her anywhere doing anything at any moment. Because…. It all needs to be done! When Sarah isn’t at the nursery, you might find her on her bike, in her own gardens or knitting a special garment. And if she isn’t in any of those places, you can always check King Soopers!!! One of her special joys is riding her bike around Colorado Springs and noticing all the beautiful perennials, wondering how many of them she touched!

Al and Lana Britton (known to all of us as "Mom and Pop") are our beloved founders and left a Legacy for all of us to reach for: "Cultivating Love and Life."  Al would often talk long hours in the greenhouses with team members who needed a little encouragement and he'd fire up the grill on random weekday afternoons for barbecued burgers and brats and then challenge everyone to a croquet match. (Al ALWAYS claimed the orange ball) Lana was our "Team Mom," always offering us nurturing words and she often stopped by Starbucks to bring us all treats and sometimes she started crew water fights. They both spent their lives making sure that we knew how much they loved us.  We have all worked together to build the business, but more importantly to build our community. And since Al passed away in December 2013 and Lana passed away in February 2016, we now understand that our people aren't merely needed to grow plants- rather, the plants are merely a way for us to enjoy more people! As Al used to say, "Take time for tea and conversation!"