Our Passion

Cultivating Love and Life is more than just a motto.
It is a way of living that changes everything.


"The mission of Britton Nursery is to share the gift of God's creative beauty in the landscape of our community by handcrafting a healthy home for our perennials and the people who tend them."

We’ve recognized that plants and people need many of the same environmental elements in order to thrive: clean air and water, plenty of sunshine, good soil, protection from threats, occasional weeding and pruning and room for growth and expansion. And so we have set out to cultivate not merely plants in greenhouses, but more importantly a space that generates increased life in people- a sacred space on the earth where hard work, fun and fellowship foster the necessary ingredients that can empower and inspire people to change the world. 

Everyone knows how good it feels to come home.

Our mission is expressed most concisely in two phrases: “Sharing the Gift” and “Handcrafting a Healthy Home.” The gift, of course, is God’s creative beauty, which is not limited merely to plants and flowers. His creative beauty is evident everywhere we look: in birds and all kinds of animals, in sunrises and sunsets, in the mountains, in the sea and in music- His beauty feels endless. And there is a special kind of beauty that is expressed through people, which is where HOME comes in.

Handcrafting a healthy home is a multifaceted mission, but the essentials are joy and peace and respect and honor- a place where people find their belonging and a seat at the family table. That’s what we want to create here at the Nursery. Everyone knows what it feels like to come home and there’s really no better wealth in the world than to find home. And we want to make Britton Nursery a beacon of light that proclaims that the true wealth that we can accumulate in the earth is given to us by God, and that it comes in fellowship and relationship with Him and with other people. Love is our primary motivator. From the cultivation of our plants and dealings with customers, vendors, employees and neighbors to the handling of our finances, resources and assets, we are determined to build it all on the solid foundation of love. Everyone on the planet is seeking to be filled up with something. And so our reason for loving is that we are convinced that it’s the only way to fullness. This is our “secret sauce”, the reason everyone around Britton Nursery has a smile on their faces and is filled with joy.

Our Value Statements

-  We are most at home in a joyful relationship with God and with one another.

-  The Gift of God's beauty refreshes our community and reflects His love.

-  Plants and people deserve to be nurtured in a healthy and safe environment.

-  We are created for meaningful work which glorifies God.

-  Working the land is a sacred honor.